Mobile Applications

We are a global developer of cutting-edge technologies in the realm of speech clarity and audio signal processing.

About us

Our application development company prides itself on its unique approach and competitive advantage in the industry.

  • One of our key competitive advantages is the implementation of advanced technology that effectively reduces the masking effect caused by ambient noise.

  • We are also characterized by the use of original prosody control models. These models allow us to customize the sound of the voice by adjusting pitch and timbre without sacrificing intelligibility and naturalness.

  • Flexibility is another key aspect of our software. Multi-user operation allows for seamless collaboration, and our software allows you to quickly turn voice processing modes on and off. Users can combine different modes depending on their tasks and preferences, and our easily customizable settings provide a personalized experience.


The development and use of original management models
proceed to import the desired color the sound of voices.

  • Expressive voice
    Such a modification to the speech changes the voice timbre; it is a thin and delicate change, as naturalness and recognition of the voice are not affected.
  • Convincing voice
    These psychological criteria of the voice affect the success of business communication.
  • Microphone noise reduction
    The technology filters the sound coming to the customer, and removes some harsh sounds.
  • Speech artifacts reduction
    Using this innovation, the customer will hear operator's voice better, and will understand his/her speech.